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Analysis: Coderre has announced he's running again

If you remember last time he won, he lost the popular vote and his team mostly represented the old cronies from the corrupt Tremblay years. The former suburbs represent their base. A base that they pandered too by padding their budgets at the expense of inner city boroughs like CDN-NDG.

Plante who draws her power from the east, failed to address the fiscal inequity and maintained the status quo. Like those before her, she embraced the party system that demanded councilors tow the line. It explains why CDN-NDG's Projet's councilors, Peter McQueen, Sue Montgomery, Magda Popeanu and Christian Arsenault voted in favour of every single borough budget under their mandate - even when Sue and Christian were no longer part of the party. In spite of promising to fight for us.

One thing that history has shown is neither Plante or Coderre are interested or motivated to give CDN-NDG what it needs, what it deserves. Please remember this when you cut your cheque to pay city taxes. As one of the largest contributors to the city's coffers, half a billion a year, we receive the lowest budget in the city. Both for our operational needs and capital investments in infrastructure.


Look at our parks, our public facilities, the quality of our services, our roads - it shows.

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