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Press Release, Sunday, July 4, 2021

Team CDN-NDG announces Alex Montagano as its candidate for borough mayor.

Team CDN-NDG is a borough-based party whose mission is: better quality of life through community engagement.

Emphasising a back-to-basics approach, major initiatives include:

  • Securing a budget that meets borough needs and supports a level of services and infrastructure equivalent to other boroughs,

  • Democratic renewal, initiatives aimed at increasing citizen participation in community affairs,

  • Focus on basic borough needs:

a) Clean parks and streets,

b) Garbage removal and snow removal,

c) Proper maintenance of current infrastructure.

  • Local programs supporting:

a) Local sports and cultural programs,

b) Local programs to support families & seniors,

c) Businesses, and entrepreneurs,

  • Enable borough villages to service local needs, for more liveable neighbourhoods where people can commute safely,

Alexander Montagano has been active in the community for 20 years raising issues related to the lack of quality basic services.Has lived in both in CDN and NDG.A graduate of McGill University, studying both politics and business.He currently is successful small business owner serving the neighbourhood.


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