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CDN-NDG Political Party

With an estimated 170,000 residents, CDN-NDG is the most populous borough in the city of Montreal.
The people who call CDN-NDG home represent diverse cultural backgrounds, which makes the borough one of the most culturally dynamic areas in the city. Within its borders also resides a sizable portion of the city’s Anglophone population.
CDN-NDG residents are also highly dynamic and resourceful, generating an estimated half a billion dollars in revenues for the City of Montreal in 2019 alone! This makes the borough one of the largest contributors to the city’s coffers.
In addition to large residential areas, CDN-NDG also hosts large institutions such as the MUHC Super Hospital, Université de Montréal, St. Justine’s Hospital, Concordia University, the Bronfman Centre, the Jewish General Hospital and the Saint Joseph’s Oratory. While bringing great benefits to CDN-NDG, these institutions also pose costly logistical challenges to the borough related to vehicle traffic and services such as waste removal.


In spite of all this, the borough of CDN-NDG continues to be systemically discriminated against in terms of how the city allocates monies to the boroughs for operational needs and investments. For instance in 2019, the borough of CDN-NDG received a per capital allotment of only $409.40 per person for its operational budget, the lowest in the city!!
Sue Montgomery, Magda Popeanu, Peter McQueen and Christain Arseneault all made promises that the chronic underfinancing of the borough would be dealt with in 2020 – THIS DID NOT HAPPEN!
Based on 2019 figures, Équipe/Team CDN-NDG has determined that the borough was short-changed $15 million dollars for that year alone.

This represents a financial shortfall of 60 million dollars in a 4 year mandate of the current administration.
This is something to be very concerned about!!!
When confronted with this gross inequity in how boroughs are financed, Benoit Dorais, Sud Ouest Borough Mayor & Executive Committee Member responsible for city finances, rationalised that his borough receives one of the largest per capital allotment of $ 601.77 in the city, on the presence of infrastructure to maintain and disadvantaged populations.
Please note that Sud Ouest has:

  • Gone through a dramatic period of gentrification and Sud Ouest is no longer the place of poverty it once was.

  • Is serviced by the Lachine Canal, a Canada Park, maintained and paid for by the Canadian government, which significantly reduces the financial burden to Sud Ouest in providing green space and bike infrastructure to its residents.

  • Can afford luxuries that CDN-NDG does not enjoy.

  • lle Saint Laurent enjoys surpluses in the millions of dollars each year.· Like Vi

In spite of Dorais Benoit’s statement, you would expect that the city would be make greater infrastructure investments in CDN-NDG to address the inequities that currently exist
Yet this is not true. CDN-NDG also receives the smallest per capital investments (Programme triennal d’immobilisations 2020-2022) in the city at a meager $119.10 per person. Benoit Dorais’ borough Sud Ouest receives a whopping $238.14. Double that of CDN-NDG.

Équipe/Team CDN-NDG:

  • Rejects any cost cutting measures for the borough of CDN-NDG;

  • We demand that the city reveal both the formula and the measures used to determine the operational and capital investment budgets for ALL boroughs; and

  • We demand that the city immediately address the systemic discrimination of the CDN-NDG borough with respect to how public funds are dispersed.

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