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Build it & They Will Come, Because They’re Already There

With the arrival of spring, the question is once again asked: Why doesn’t the most populous borough in the city have a proper Market? A CDN-NDG Market would have a direct positive effect on CDN-NDG by:

  1. Reducing of the negative impact of the Decarie Expressway on the surrounding commercial and residential areas;

  2. Creating a vehicle for the commercial revitalization of Queen Mary;

  3. Connecting the western and eastern halves of Côte-des-Neiges/Notre-Dame-de-Grace that have been divided for far too long by the Decarie Expressway;

  4. Creating another dynamic tourist destination in CDN-NDG;

  5. Showcasing the cultural assets of our community.

“In my travels, I’ve noticed that local markets are one of the most interesting destinations because they allow the traveler to acquire a sense of the local culture’s tastes, preferences and goods. Markets allow you to try new things, discover new products and buy local goods and produce that are unique and enriching to one’s living experience. Be it the markets of Brazil, Israel, Philippines, Morocco, India, Ghana, China, Vietnam…. they are always a go-to destination.” Montagano stated.

A reported 2 million people visit the St. Joseph’s Oratory each year, but CDN-NDG “Appreciates no positive benefit from these visitors, as they don’t stay in the community and shop in our stores and dine in our restaurants. In fact, for the most part they visit only the Oratory and rush off to the next tourist destination that lies outside of the community. CDN-NDG receives only the negative effects of pollution, congestion and the taxing of our local infrastructure from the tourists’ buses and automobiles. What is needed is another tourist destination, the CDN-NDG Market, to keep tourist dollars in our neighborhood.”

CDN-NDG with the most populous and dynamic population in Montréal lacks a market- the closest being either Atwater or Jean Talon. “CDN-NDG with a population from the 4 corners of the world, the market would be a showcase of our talents and the richness of our cultural fabric. You could visit the markets of world in the heart of CDN-NDG without even leaving your city!”

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