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Proposed measures at improving the urban planning department of the borough.

Summary:  The urban planning department of CDN-NDG plays an important role in protecting the architectural heritage of the borough and encouraging development that enhances residents’ lives.

Yet the urban planning department has been the centre of corruption of the borough.  This culminated in the tragic suicide of its director of inspection and permits and shortly thereafter the arrest of Michael Applebaum.  Lionel Perez was the borough mayor at the time.  After both the Copeman-Lionel Perez administration and the Sue Montgomery administration, the borough, as revealed by a recent anti-corruption audit has no anti-corruption policy.

There we propose:

  • Implementation of an anti-corruption policy for borough operations with a focus on the urban planning department.

  • Improving the website that clearly details what work requires and permit and instructions on how to apply for permits.

  • Reducing wait times to issue permits for home renovations.

  • Removing the need to require permits to park service vehicles on the street. (Permis d’occupation temporaire de domaine public) $150-$250 per day to park service vehicles on city streets.

  • Removing the need for permits to execute repairs to homes.

  • Removing the need for a permit for exterior deck work that falls under certain conditions.

  • Removing the requirement for a permit for replacing interior walls, that do not modify existing interior divisions.

  • Modify the existing urban by-laws to encourage gardening and deal with overgrown properties.

  • Prioritise the issuing the permits for affordable housing, waiving permit fees to developers for the construction of rental units.

  • Prioritise new commercial and residential development that use green technologies, such as LEED certification, green roofs.

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