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Better Quality of Life Through Community Engagement​

Program Announcement: Parks and Common City Property

Équipe CDN-NDG Team is focused on community needs and the basic tasks of running a borough that unfortunately are either not done or else done in a manner that does not meet current standards.  CDN-NDG has very little green space as compared to other boroughs.  It is important that we properly maintain our intensively used green spaces(parks) and leverage these assets to provide for a better quality of life. Therefore, we propose:

  • Purchasing proper garbage bins with lids to keep wildlife out, for our parks.

  • Proper maintenance of our parks, which includes:

    • Regular and proper cutting of grass and trimming around trees and other obstacles (Not currently done)

    • Proper maintenance of the borough’s flower beds and trees/shrubs.

    • Weekend maintenance of parks when they are used most intensively. (Not done as per the borough mayor’s recent admission)

    • Clean restroom facilities.

  • Extending Park chalet hours to accommodate:

    • families who ice skate into the evening so that they can change in and out of their skates.

    • Late night summer park activities and sporting events

  • Establish outdoor cooling stations and sunshades so residents can keep cool on hot summer days.

  • Be sure that park fountains are in good working order.

  • Provide access to water for resident’s canine companions.

  • Establishing a program that would allow residents to use city flower beds.

  • Posting a hotline for park visitors to call to report any problems with our green spaces.

We propose creating a “Parc O Rama” - park events on a regular basis throughout the year.   During the recent winter pandemic lockdown, our local party set up music, and decorative lights at rinks to lift people’s spirits.  The events were a success and inspired us to create the “parc O Rama”, roaming events that would visit ice rinks in the borough and bring music, food, hot drinks, and cheer to CDN-NDG families.

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