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Program for local businesses:

  • In the age of internet sales, local retail will be about creating a shopping experience and a mix of products and services that cater to local needs.


  • City has a role in aiding local merchants through urban furniture and commercial street entertainment.  Examples of this is:

    • Flower pots

    • Benches and eating areas

    • Holiday decorations

    • Showcasing local talent

    • Activities directed towards young children.

      • Face painting

      • Rides – train?

    • Pop up markets

    • Community bazars

  • The underlying philosophy of Team CDN-NDG is to stay out of the affairs of our local business and let our local entrepreneur’s flourish.​

    • This is in the context that they keep their properties clean and do not engage in activities that disrupts its neighbours.

    • We propose:

      • Allowing the use of the front exterior of their businesses to promote their products and services at no charge.

      • Remove any restrictions that currently exist that may impede a business from selling products and services.  

      • It is noted that these activities will not violate current rules governing the sale of food stuffs, controlled goods, such as alcohol and cigarettes, and any other business activity that violates rules to protect children from adult material/activities.

      • It is understood that such activities shall not block access to sidewalks, fire hydrants or any other city infrastructure that needs to be accessed for emergencies.

      • In exchange merchants will be responsible for keeping the front of their properties, including the city sidewalk and the adjoining street clean.

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